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Define Chris 'Repetition Tomorrow' out today

Available as a digital only release on Bandcamp and all streaming services!

By way of Italy comes Define Chris' 'Repetition Tomorrow,' an album of emotive electronica that builds delicate rhythms and textures, tempered with elements of glitch and noise, for perpetual cycles of contemplation and release. Sonically the album explores a world of influences, including everything from IDM, new age ambient music, and synth melodies reminiscent of 1980's science fiction soundtracks. Define Chris is the solo project of Christopher Difino, who long-time Already Dead followers may remember from his Italian post-hardcore group Ecole Du Ciel, whose album 'Heartbeat War Drum' we released in 2013. While the genres may be worlds apart in sound, 'Repetition Tomorrow' has an energy and passion that matches that of Chris' post-hardcore roots.


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