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The Binary Marketing Show 'Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death' 12" LP


The Binary Marketing Show 'Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death' 12" LP

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    Includes bandcamp download card

    Limited to 300


    "The latest release from the Binary Marketing Show, 'Short-Term Fix for a Long-Term Death,' is a collection of stories and thoughts, told through somber yet playful electronic beats, otherworldly vocal melodies, and abundant layers of sound samples and loops. Every pass through this album is amusingly different and full of surprises.

    Each track on the record functions as a unique soundscape, intended for the listener’s interpretation, yet at the same time presenting itself as very personal. Third track “the unknowing” opens with a subtle wind blowing and reverse tape staccato, only to transform into a beautiful composition of keyboard parts, guitar riffs, and vocal harmonies. Bethany and Abram share deep thoughts of fearing the unknown, letting things go, reflecting on the past and what the future holds. Fear not, those introspective places we tend to go in our minds are often let up with a ‘fuck it’ attitude, like the song “whatever,” with its frolicsome melody and youthful spirit. If you’re a sucker for space exploration and sounds beyond our atmosphere, you’ll appreciate the closing track “orbitals (an acoustic model of the solar system).”

    'Short-Term Fix for a Long-Term Death' feels like an invitation to hang with your friends and contemplate this fucked up world and its beautiful redeeming moments. Its special release on vinyl also means spacing out in your living room (or wherever you take your record player) and amplifying Abram’s warm fuzzy horn playing in “radiation,” or tuning in to Bethany’s smoky and radiant vocal loops hidden throughout the album. Like albums past, Binary has not hesitated to experiment with sounds, and even build their own instruments. Mid-album highlight “days from now” features radio transmissions followed by frogs croaking, all while being consumed by the steadiness of a shaker and thumping bass drum. This long-anticipated Already Dead release is seeded with sounds that they have been wanting to share with all of us. Cheers to celebrating this gift as we all needed a soundtrack to Summer 2018."

    - Dina Moore, Already Dead Tapes, 2018

    LP artwork by Kierstin Holder
    Tape artwork by: Adrian Poole 

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