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The Binary Marketing Show 'Dancing With Shadows' Cassette Tape

The Binary Marketing Show 'Dancing With Shadows' Cassette Tape

Only 1 left in stock
  • Cassette includes Bandcamp download card

    Limited to 100
    Also available in the September Tape Bundle

    This album was written in the years following Covid and Carder’s diagnosis with cervical cancer in 2019. "Dancing with Shadows" asks how we integrate challenging experiences as individuals and as a collective of organisms. Featuring six Already Dead artists, this album is a meditation on grief, and how music can be a way to unravel its grip, freeing us from the binds of suffering with a beat, hum, or frequency. Here we face the monsters that lurk in the shadows of our subconscious lives. Everything is pulsing around us, building and exhaling. A prolonged consciousness shifts through ever-evolving landscapes in a rhythmic dance as eternity flows towards truth. Vulnerability invites revelations of breathless clarity, but at what cost? 


    Here, you are treading the subconscious waters of the exquisite and delicate dialogue within. The otherworldly hums wash over us. A panoramic account of endless possibility, intrigue, and appreciation for all that surrounds us appears both beautiful and haunting. Dedicated to the imagination, the palindrome of laughter rattling and interspersed by an aura of ghostly tales cries out for a better tomorrow. We attempt to find the ecstasy of music, not as a nostalgic flight away from the pain of reality, but rather a journey into the awareness of the strength and wholeness within us. Here we welcome the enchanting and the bewildering. The meditative pulse of the unseen world transforms the brutal heaviness of this life into the collective struggle of experiential growth and begets an intensified effort to progressively unfold a more complete awareness of the self. The world is rarely what it seems. A passive glance seldom reveals the full truth. To find that, you need to burrow deeper.


    *This is a pre-order that will ship mid-to-late September

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