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Spanyurd / Zumigalooje 'Split Ends' Cassette Tape

Spanyurd / Zumigalooje 'Split Ends' Cassette Tape

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  • Cassette includes bandcamp download card

    Limited to 75
    Available in the March Tape Release Bundle
    *This is a pre-order that will ship late-March

    Those following Already Dead since the early Chicago years may remember Spanyurd, a band that existed on the outer and more extreme fringes of noise rock and no wave, with ties to fellow AD projects NONZOO and Imelda Marcos. Spanyurd initially began as a band enamored with the burgeoning sounds coming out Providence, RI in the aughts, but as time went on they became more interested in avant rock and implementing extreme dissonance, as well as trying to synthesize all kinds of strains of aggressive music without succumbing to becoming a metal band. Comprised of Ethan Hughes on guitar, Tom Bradach on drums, and Randy Remolusso on bass (also of NONZOO), the group were active until 2014, ultimately disbanding over frustrations of not being able to hold down a vocalist. The four tracks on the A-side of 'Split Ends' mark what would seemingly be the final recordings of Spanyurd.

    2019 would see Hughes, Bradach and Remolusso reunite, initially with the intention of picking up where Spanyurd had left off, but quickly realizing their tastes had evolved and they had begun to embrace music that emphasized rhythm in a more playful way. They were influenced by the sounds of mutant disco and the funkier end of Ornette Coleman's catalog, while still holding a fondness for heavy music. Through these explorations Zumigalooje was born, and the band recorded the seven songs that make up the B-side of 'Split Ends' during the pandemic. In Zumigalooje, Hughes played both left and right channel guitars, Remolusso once again helming the bass, while drum duties were split between Bradach and midi programmed drums. The trio circulated these tracks in hopes of finding the right vocalist to complement their sound, which once again proved difficult and the group eventually disbanded due to a combination of creative differences and the frustrations of not finalizing a lineup.

    'Split Ends' serves both as a document of Hughes', Remolusso's and Bradach's tumultuous creative journey over their several year run, while also showcasing some of the more interesting and unique sounds to come out of Chicago's experimental scene in the 2010's.

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