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Scott Scholz 'Figure and Ground' Cassette Tape

Scott Scholz 'Figure and Ground' Cassette Tape

  • Cassette includes bandcamp download card

    Limited to 75
    Also available in the May Tape Release Bundle
    Ships mid-to-late May

    'Figure and Ground' is a dynamic, moving, and personal collection of electroacoustic solo guitar compositions born during a time when Scholz began struggling with debilitating vertigo episodes that would ultimately lead to a diagnosis of semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS).

    More from Scott:
    "In 2019, I started having regular, debilitating vertigo episodes. I wrote some fragments of melancholy music to keep myself company during that period of unknowns, fears, and brain fog. By 2021, I learned that I had developed an inner ear disorder called semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS), and that vertigo was one of its symptoms. Since then, I have been fortunate in finding medications and practices that are mostly keeping my symptoms at bay.

    As I started to feel better, I took these fragments of music and transformed them through effects and granular synthesis, attempting to create a suite of pieces that emulate states of vertigo and dizziness through sound. Most immediately, they are symbolic of the thin veil that separates our normal perceptions of reality from distortions that can make it hard to do anything. More universally, I intend for them to represent the many kinds of physical and mental health struggles that most of us face at one time or another, and the inner strength that helps us to keep going, anyway. I hope you find this work as impactful to hear as it was for me to make."

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