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Painted Faces 'Return to Vault of Fear' 12" LP


Painted Faces 'Return to Vault of Fear' 12" LP

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    Includes bandcamp download card

    Limited to 300


    Mastered by Alex Borozan

    "Arising from a very long, narrow apartment in Queens comes the post-punk/freak folk/experimental rock opera you may or may not have been waiting for. Painted Faces #15, otherwise known as 'Return to Vault of Fear,' is an adventure through the vast world David Drucker has been building for well over half a decade. It is Drucker continuing to master his uncanny knack for psychedelic, heady trips via one-of-a-kind weirdo pop.

    The record slides through glittering synth layers and plucked strings, taking occasional pit stops for Drucker’s signature vocal stylings. 'Return to Vault of Fear' takes all the best parts of the Painted Faces’ previous release ('The Hermit of Bushwick') and expands upon them, fleshing them out for a complete and satisfying listen. While Drucker tends to deliver his tunes with a smirk, 'Return to Vault of Fear' is full of touching moments. It is more often than not warm and inviting. The lo-fi tones can invoke a calming nostalgia without really departing from the darker elements within each track.

    The beauty of this record is how quickly emotions can flip. The familiar sounds often stray away from their original structure, becoming eerie and jarring. I would also like to point out that David Drucker is one of the few people who can pull off a chorus pedal. Legendary."

    - Jacob Watkins, Already Dead Tapes, 2017

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