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Nandele '1994' Cassette Tape

Nandele '1994' Cassette Tape

  • Cassette includes Bandcamp download card
    Also available in the July 2024 Tape Bundle

    Limited to 75
    Ships late July

    Legendary Mozambique producer Nandele returns to Already Dead with a new concept album, '1994, a work of sound fiction of the writer Vandole Ukalyoi and his journey through the city of Maputo two years after the ceasefire of the Mozambican civil war and the first democratic election. The story occurs through a new reality for the Mozambican people and Vandole himself. A new Republic of Mozambique is much different and not so different from the previous. A New Hope. The story takes place in the subconscious of Vandole as he explores the capital of Maputo, a previous colonial capital of the Portuguese colonial system and now independent and democratic, but how democratic is what the protagonist questions as new forms of social structures start to build. Instead of writing he has a new creative process in which he explores. Vandole, the journalist who records his journeys on the capital through a cassette recorder of the semi collective means of transportation of the capital called “Chapa Cem'. After collecting all of the recordings that can occupy a terabyte of a hard drive of today's technology, Vandole disappeared on the 1st of December of 1994 leaving behind all of his recordings. This is what he recorded. This is the story of Vandole Ukalyoi, the sound of the new republic.

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