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Human Adult Band 'Waxy Gibby' Cassette Tape


Human Adult Band 'Waxy Gibby' Cassette Tape

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    New Cassette Tape

    Wiped out trash hunting dreams, swamp stomps and the dirge remains. Neanderthals bash it out at practice and taunt the serpentile feedback with aid of a Tascam 4 track unpacked at the crammed Wolfman VHS laboratories. Brand new garbled stuff & new (2023) 'songs' that have only appeared outside of th' U.S., albeit from completely different sessions. Representative of 1990s American teen cult-media collections scattered on the basement floor near a boom box & VCR.

    Human Adult Band is a long-running (since '02) collective style noise rock, no wave & drone rock band based out of New Jersey. 'Gross fire' as Inzane Johnny of Wolf Eyes puts it. Performed by stooges raised on 'Jolt Cola and Mad Magazine' spouts Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans. Chug the gunk and be in a stupor (and a little more deaf) as Human Adult Band explore the outter realms of rock.

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