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Darkdive 'Darkdive' Cassette Tape

Darkdive 'Darkdive' Cassette Tape

Only 7 left in stock
  • Cassette includes Bandcamp download card

    Limited to 100
    Also available in the November Tape Release Bundle

    Already Dead veteran Storm Ross returns to the label with a new release, this time as part of Darkdive, a band of equal contributors composed of long-serving Hamilton musicians. Recorded by Sean Pearson, long-time recording engineer for Tomb Mold, and Matthew Montour at Boxcar Sound Recording, “Darkdive” is a heavy, frantic blast of hardcore, space rock, noise rock, and psych, accurately capturing their bludgeoning live set. Adversity and decay are the focus, whether they be existential (“Roach King/God’s Love”) or physical (“Crisis”), yet always guided and supported by those who are most important (“Voyagers”). Seven songs in 30 minutes that will leave you reeling and buzzing, anxiously flipping over the tape to start it all over again.

    *This is a pre-order that will ship mid-November

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