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Cop Funeral 'Fragile Men' Cassette Tape

Cop Funeral 'Fragile Men' Cassette Tape

  • Cassette includes bandcamp download card

    Limited to 75
    Available in the March Tape Release Bundle
    Now shipping

    "Fragile Men is a short new missive from the always mysterious and prolific Cop Funeral project. Ambient-industrial dream zones from a master of sculpted tones. Expressive shadowy drum machine workouts with junk-electronic synth meanderings. Standout middle jam "Shit for Brains" is pure old school IDM of the Warped school with thumping and hypnotic bass pummels. Fragile Men finds Cop Funeral dwelling in the usual frustrated/cynical themes, ruminating on toxic masculinity and the general asshole-ry of the modern age. Headphone listening recommended."
    - David Drucker, Already Dead Tapes, 2024

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