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Video Premiere: Mezzanine Swimmers "Pensacola Arches" (Foxy Digitalis)

Full article up at Foxy Digitalis.

"Whenever I listen to “Pensacola Arches,” I think I am losing it. This woozy, wondrous pop madness is hypnotizing and perplexing in equal measure. Repeating mantras are put through a blender and baked on the backs of sidewalk paint masterpieces and long-forgotten suburban heroes. Push hard enough, and these globular basslines will make it through the eye of a synthetic needle to propel the fairytale lead sequences back into the steaming cauldron of fun. This country-fried oddity is heightened by the neon psychedelia of Trash Panda QC’s video. I keep asking myself how the hell I ended up here, but the truth is, I really don’t want to leave. Let’s get weird.

“Pensacola Arches” is on Miserable Miracle, out today on Already Dead Tapes. Grab it HERE." - Brad Rose


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