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Victoria Blade & The Sharp Shooters featured on American Songwriter

Great write up and interview for their new song "Easy Together" over at American Songwriter.

"Teamwork makes the dream work. We are all in this together. Love conquers hate.

These aren’t platitudes. These are real-life maxims that bolster and buoy a person, an artist. Yes, someone like Victoria Blade.

Blade, who some may recognize from the Marvel hit television show, WandaVision, as the interstitial commercial lady, is a freelance artist. A star of the screen, she’s also a longtime music writer. In fact, she says, music has kept her “happy and healthy for years.”

Music can be a solo endeavor. But it can also be one that fosters connections. Blade learned this early on, in college, which is where she met her husband and musical conspirer."

“I began composing songs first just as lyrics and melody, then later with guitar,” Blade tells American Songwriter. “My husband and I met in college. He had an electronic project and I got inspired by the beats he was making so we started writing and performing together. We fell in with a really creative crew and everyone was writing and creating all the time so it really inspired me.”

In school, she wrote a song for a play that opened her eyes to the power of the art form.

“I wrote a song that ended up serving as a kind of anthem for a play we wrote in my theatre department,” the Los Angeles-based Blade says. “That was a big moment because I think it was the first time I saw how songwriting could serve a bigger purpose, unifying a large group of people around a theme.”

Blade’s latest release is the propellant track “Easy Together,” which marks her first release with her new L.A.-based band, Victoria Blade & The Sharp Shooters. Of the encouraging song, she says, the idea is about overcoming obstacles. Indeed, together.

“It’s about that day-to-day struggle,” says Blade, “especially as freelance artists, and the need I feel for connection and true love. The theme of the song is that even though the struggle is REAL, no one can steal the true love that I have in my life. It’s about unity, especially when facing hardship. Things are indeed easier together!”

Blade wrote the song a while back in her “tiny” New York City apartment. She and her husband were amidst the Big Apple “grind” and feeling “a bit burnt out.” And the idea and execution for the song came from a “sassy determination to overcome the struggles we were facing,” says Blade.

For the multi-hyphenate, it’s important not to get bogged down. To rise up, as they say. Even if that can be a hard bite to swallow, at times.

“We really do need others in our corner,” Blade says. “I’m learning to be okay with needing others because I’m such an independent spirit. I’d love this song to encourage folks to find the people who are really in your corner and hold on to them for dear life. You are undefeatable with real love in your corner.”

- Jacob Uitti, American Songwriter / Photo by Jordana Dale

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