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Review: Yuppy 'Critical Hit' (Beats Per Minute)

"Balancing their attention between tangled rock interests and noisier experimentalism, the St. Louis band Yuppy are not strangers to ragged riffs and disorderly rhythms, embracing the two in their search for more raucous environments in which to peddle their knotty collaborations. Consisting of singer-guitarist Tom Gnau, bassist Jim Geoffrey, singer-guitarist Anthony Patten, and drummer Michael Highfill, the band is defined by their cooperative processes, giving each member a voice in how their songs evolve and express themselves. Their latest release, the 3-track EP Critical Hit, is equal parts psychedelic anarchy, hard rock tenacity, and scorched pop melodicism adorned with apocalyptic riffs. It’s a raucous and oddly reverent look at both their influences and the way by which they filter those inspirations into a caustic brew of wrought iron harmonies and roiling musical chaos.

“MULTI PASS” is a perfect example of how the band creates an equilibrium between the craggier aspects of their work and those which tend toward the more melodic, while also being what I hope is a passing reference to The Fifth Element. The guitars sound corrugated and muscular, even as they seem to break apart mid-song. “No” dives right back into a frenzied guitar explosion, eventually settling into a buoyant pop-rock swing before circling back around and leaving ruined landscapes in its wake. They close out the EP with “Ear Drummer”, a track that harkens back to post-punk’s angular aesthetics, mixing soaring vocal lines with bombastic riffs and staticky background ambience. If you’re looking for the perfect entry point into their wonderfully unruly rock theatrics, just listen to Critical Hit and know that you’ll be spending quite a lot of time in their orbit."

- Joshua Pickard, CASSETTE CULTURE: APRIL 2023, Beats Per Minute


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