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Review: Wizard Death '4' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound.

"Cascading crystal clear molecules of electronic rejuvenescence. Wizard Death crafts radiant melodies from circuitous pathways. A winsome array of beats and rhythms providing a gentle cool breeze on a still sunny day. The composition "4", sparkles in a spring of both hot or cool water. Subtle vibrant energy adding to the beauty of the surroundings, we listen with slight upward grins as we watch responsibilities shed from those around us.

Wizard Death has been around for a little while now. Not totally for sure, but "4" seems like the first physical release. Nine tracks on this composition, all fluid with tranquil vibrant energy. From listening to a lot of styles of sounds, the most important wisdom learned is ninety nine percent of music is perfect at the right time. The sounds within "4" are for reflection on a ponderous world around us. It is difficult to transition from being over taxed on things needing to be done and then having nothing to do. This is where "4" nestles in most ideally. Upbeat to match the faster paced environment of where we get things done and chilled out so sublimely for the direction we want to take.

Out on Already Dead Records and Tapes in an edition of one hundred cassettes. There are also t-shirts available with the album art work on the front. Physical copies are down to a handful, so if interested do not procrastinate. Can not find to much information on who is the creativity behind Wizard Death other than a few social media links and the Los Angles location."


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