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Review: Various Artists 'Honk If You're Already Dead' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article can be viewed at Lost in a Sea of Sound.

"Already Dead Tapes and Records has ended 2022 with release number four hundred. A massive twenty track collection of many Already Dead artists. They have all contributed incredible sonic selections to make Honk If You're Already Dead something very special. Those who enjoy and support the label have made the same choice, purchasing this cassette. So harmonious in their decision making, one hundred and twenty five physical editions have sold in one month. Already Dead headquarters understands this, and in the past few days has issued a second edition. This forthcoming addition to the initial run is available for pre-order now and is ready to purchase here. As with the first, the second edition will include the 12in x 3in bumper sticker asking too "Honk If You're Already Dead". Unlike the first, the follow up will only be in a run of fifty. So do not procrastinate on this one.

Every selection on this compilation is from a different artist. These sounds range across the spectrum and really highlight how diverse Already Dead Tapes and Records is.

Thank you Already Dead for doing all the hard work with long continued love and beauty!"


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