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Review: The Royal Arctic Institute 'From Catnap to Coma to Catharsis' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound.

We are lulled by melodies, adrift in the shared creativity of talented musicians and beautiful conscious. From Catnap to Coma to Catharsis bestows tranquil melodies filled with crisp and succulent detail. The interwoven sounds from this five piece group have incredible sonic balance and patience. Song writing by all musicians is it's own unique organism, each part resting in a patient acquiescence, holding the sounds around it in highlighted stasis. Together, The Royal Arctic Institute rests beyond genres and weaves an aural tapestry of detailed sereneness.

With eleven tracks on From Catnap to Coma to Catharsis, the listening path is fully developed. Like an English garden, notes are vines timelessly woven around century old brick walls. The flow from selection to selection is a continual vivid microcosm of the whole. There is a groove with these tracks held out of reach like the most verdant fruit at the top of a tree. On occasion the branch dips down as on "Passover Buckets" and this thought is actualized. For most selections The Royal Arctic Institute sits aloof in their groovy interplay creating delightful wonder for those listening below.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of three hundred black vinyl copies. The band has five members who all contributed to creating these selections. The musicians are John Leon, David Motamed, Lynn Wright, Carl Baggaley and Lyle Hysen with guest Jonathen Petrow. Their composition is a duality like a cloudy alacrity, a little poignant and cheerful at the same time.


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