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Review: Storm Ross 'The Meridian' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"Snap, out of ambient music and the surrounding world. The Meridian blast off, full kick into depth and rhythm, then entering the mesosphere. It is here we find the true beauty, the momentum of the first track now falling back through the atmosphere as "Isolation One" and "Isolation Two" speed into space. The velocity is constant, just the burn to propel thoughts with all instruments in fury has subsided. Every selection on The Meridian is beautifully composed and played, to the point there is an underlying profoundness that escapes these simple words. A vibrantly energetic diapason beckoning to loose yourself within. I have and it is fantastic.

Storm Ross with a fourth release on Already Dead Tapes and Records. This composition includes Yuma Uesaka playing the tenor saxophone, Jonathan Edwards on bass and the powerful percussionist Jeremy Edwards on drums. Of course Storm Ross on guitars and everything else. As mentioned, the opening track "And the Band Came in from the Snow" is like an intense warm up of every facet in the sonic arsenal. Deep within this heavy nine track release are moments of space and quietness. Simple rhythms expanding and contracting as natural as breathing. The Meridian is not a flat out burner to the finish, time is irrelevant as sounds slow to hear thoughts and imagine worlds. Storm Ross holds a full hand of cards, smiling since the gin he holds finishes the game and he is no where near ready. Be sure to listen to the two longest tracks on this release, "Roaming Like Scoundrels" and "Fading of the Red Rim", they are back to back and will take you into the immeasurable brilliance of how sublime Storm Ross is.

Released on cassette by Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. Copies are currently available from the label."


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