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Review: Storm Ross 'The Meridian' (Beats Per Minute)

New review of Storm's latest album from Joshua Pickard at Beats Per Minute:

"I’m willing to bet that Ontario artist Storm Ross has a sizeable collection of jazz, psych, and prog rock records in his personal collection, as you can hear echoes of all these sounds in his latest collection, The Meridian, self-described as a “raucous, if hypothetical, wake in nine parts”. The guitars are more than theatrical – they are practically operatic, swelling and cresting in a series of tidal cascades. He even manages to work in some wiry post-punk influence to counter the opulence of those prog impulses. It would make sense that a record so welcoming of all genres might become a slog to get through, but The Meridian feels brisk, a vision of musical compatibility that forges new bridges between disparate sounds. Recorded at various people’s homes because of COVID precautions, it nonetheless feels quite cohesive, even when the cacophony reaches a squall that threatens to overwhelm your senses. It’s a craggy roar that speaks to love, loss, and our desire to shape our memories as part of a fluid collection of extraordinary experiences."


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