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Review: Schmidt​-​Swartz / Saxsquatch 'S/T' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Great review of Schmidt​-​Swartz / Saxsquatch's self-titled album from Lost in a Sea of Sound:

"Two artists were in an explosion, they are ok and without injuries, but conventional harmonies did not make it out. Ben Schmidt-Schwarz and Jarad Seiner (The Saxsquatch) play on the front lines of improvisation and freedom. These sounds are unrehearsed, they are found in the moment, two artists with saxophone heavy fire and the creative chops to lay it down. But with this skill, Ben and Jarad can also infuse incredible refrain. Sounds float and bobble like a deranged will-o-wisp, beckoning beauty while holding unearthly macabre.

The Saxsquatch and Ben Schmidt-Schwarz have crafted a heavy weight in length on this composition as well. Seven tracks totaling about an hour of music. With this much time, their sonic spectrum traverses many degrees of severity. The track Albatross is slightly more gentle with flashes of intensity. Guitar and flute across a low Rictor Scale of turbulence. Fervent Tide is a torrent of saxophone and drums from start to finish. This is the same for the track Sung, a jarring roller coaster ride on the back of powerful drums and saxophone. Wildly energetic and dizzying would be a timid description. One selection particularly perking the ears is Unauthorization. A haunting piece for flute and piano that works extremely well together.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. Crystal clear cassettes with white backed cases. Copies are currently and are also part of the March 2022 Cassette Release Bundle with Cop Funeral's Pain. Less than a dozen bundles are still on the site."


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