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Review: peopling 'Appearance' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound

"Wowww, these sounds sink deep and feel true. Pretty rare to hear effortless creativity. Surely much time, thought and energy went in to making Appearance, but.... this composition flows like a silk dress. If the end product is what i am listening to again, take all the space needed to do it again. Little note... for those who press play on Appearance, turn up the volume. It's like a bug light for your brain, the brighter the lumens the more zapppin' for the consciousness. And as synchronicity seams to sometimes glow with its ghostly construct, peopling is the sonic injection needed right now.

Ronnie Gonzalez is the project source for peopling. He has been part of the Already Dead world for a long time. As noted in the bandcamp write up, some of the sounds on Appearance might go all the way back to the beginning of the relationship with the label. For the sounds, think Witchbeam with a little more push in both sonic fringes and ambient abysses. The forefront for Ronnie Gonzalez' aural tapestry is a groovy cosmos of gravity and force. A place where noise is pulled close to hearts and held with much loved affinity. Excellent work, will be in the tape deck for a while.

These words and attempted description come to readers and potential cassette purchasers in the nick of time. Only three cassettes remain form the one hundred in the initial run by Already Dead. The label is known for second editions, but ya never really know. Get to listening when your ready for a little mind reset/refresh. Or just purchase one of the few remaining tapes and have Appearance on deck and ready to bat."


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