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Review: Mezzanine Swimmers 'Miserable Miracle (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"A sonic collision of raw juicy goodness. Sour, sweet and spicy, Miserable Miracle is a industrial concoction of beautifully impaired hard pop candy. Stewed in the conscious of Mezzanine Swimmers, these tracks rumble with rusty hooks and broken toe tapping rhythms. Add a little volume and dissolve deep within the pounding bellows, wispy streaks of sunlight are distorted vocals from decades ago. March into this fire lit grotto, an earthen entrance with the mark of the mole faintly visible on the rocky face. Narcotized in shadows of refracted sounds.

The six selections on Miserable Miracle "complete me". Like someone scratching the itch between your shoulder blades, warbled melodies causing delightful listening paralysis. This is the music ushering vast amounts of tape listening repeats. These are the sounds that keep music fresh. From the title track "Miserable Miracle", we hear the perfect balance of heavy beats, strained melodies and elusive vocals. Following this is a spiraling 360° of over radiated smooth pop harmonies titled "Eyes in the Sand". These two tracks show the full spectrum of Mezzanine Swimmers' gorgeous creativity.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in cassette format. One hundred copies have quickly pre-sold and sold regularly to a quantity of under ten remaining. Miserable Miracle plays with rare uncooked goodness and it is very obvious listeners know and love this. This just came out on March 24th as well."

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound.


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