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Review: Kyle Bruckmann 'USAGE' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"Primordial grooves. Sonic DNA in complex sequences, from the outside we are pulled deep within. Connections are made only to be subsequently dislodge. Heavy vibrations in the form of silky slick rhythms. Sly and Robbie are you listening? Extend the antenna, the airwaves are full of drifting sinuous patterns. Kyle Bruckmann sending a twisted web of sustained and deformed electronic damage. These sounds creep into thoughts with toe tapping synchronicity, burrowing deep to secure larvae of unknown aural frequencies. Fresh minds will nurture these incubus, forever altering the spirit in corporeal time to come.

USAGE holds a massive seventeen tracks, all deep burners in the world of electronic mystery. Feeling lost in a digital matrix sustained by analog power. USAGE is like the roots of chiptune. A smoky dubbed out version electronic symphony created by 1950's technology of a futuristic world before common day personal computers. The longest track on USAGE is titled March of the Pre-Posthumans. The sounds within shutter with sludge like bass rhythms from microbial pools as scanning rays from advanced intelligence probe the early currents of life. This track is a good example of how delightfully complex USAGE is and how Kyle Bruckmann's creativity fuses grooves with twisted radiance.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. There are only five physical copies remaining at the time this is posted. Already Dead classifies USAGE as a double-EP, with over an hour of sonic heaviness. Incredibly worth grabbing one of the handful of cassettes remaining..."

Full article at Lost in a Sea of Sound


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