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Review: Itch Princess 'Filler Guise' (Outside Noise)

"Grief generally means the loss of something we have, but what about when we grieve a potential world that never came to fruition? New-York-based avant garde multimedia artist Itch Princes explores this uncomfortable emotion with her new record Filler Guise, a collection of lamentations for the unborn futures. Her 60s pop style vocals weave in and out of tune with their harmonies, as no-wave guitars and percussion increase the velocity of the winds of the shitstorm. Riffs leave you at cliffhangers, with your only source of satisfaction and closure coming in the form of wild wailings about a lack of satisfaction and closure.

Digging through the track listing of this thing, you’ll find the winding path of grief laid out in an incredibly sympathetic way. Itch Princess at points feels strong, unstoppable, even manic, while at other times she’s left shouting her outrageous demands into the unforgiving void of times past. All of this comes as a great comfort to us, since this grief for a lost opportunity often gets shut down by those around us for being vain or self-indulgent. If nobody else will take us seriously, Itch Princess will, and for a moment the mental beasts we fight come to life right before our eyes."


Full article available at Outside Noise


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