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Review: Itch Princess 'Filler Guise' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"Itch Princess is twisting sonic spaces into cute animal shaped balloons, then popping them with an undefined grin. There are so many directions on Filler Guise, creating thoughts to countless influences and passions. But this is just what is heard in the need to reel this composition in, Filler Guise is it's own revelation and sits aloof on a pinnacle. From sharp edged guitar riffs to drifty dream like vocals, tracks reverse rolls, crashing spoken thoughts and a brief taming of the melodies to some extent. One description that remains constant through all fourteen tracks is intensity. This is fire.

Katelyn Farstad is the project source for Itch Princess. This is her fifth full length composition and is fully charged. On Filler Guise, Katelyn has guest musicians of different tracks, Nate Johnson / guitar, Teeny Lieberson and Jake Lichter / synths, Cole Pulice / bass clarinet, and Alex Liebman / saxophone. The composition vexes me on influences, Snakefinger came to mind, Scratch Acid kept popping in with vocal flexibility and for sheer intensity, Tragic Mulatto. References from my listening past with crumbs of relevance for any real measure. This is the beautiful creativity of Filler Guise, there is nostalgia, roots in something familiar, but the composition as a whole is completely wonderful new. There are no real comparisons. Katelyn Farstad has a fervor with so much range, her vocals and music disperse with a cynosure completely from the heart.

Released on cassette by Already Dead Tapes and Records in an edition of one hundred. Copies are currently available from the label."

Full article at Lost in a Sea of Sound


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