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Review: Insect Factory 'Celestial Cycles' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound.

"Time drift, parallel tranquility, sounds are continuously serene, ageing in conscious growth. Lost from thought with divergent paths, synchronicity reveals it's unheard web. The fire burns low and brilliantly bright, these sounds have been well tended to. There is heart felt warmth here, playful sparks from an ancient energy. A symphony unfolds as sounds splash above and then back into a sea of gorgeous clefs. We listen with meditative minds swirling in the aural fields of Celestial Cycle.

Insect Factory is the long running project of Jeff Barsky. Stretching across years of experience, “Movement” relays how thoughtful erosive forces alter ambient substructures. These sonic changes slowly mutate within Celestial Cycles, backed by the descriptive note referencing recordings over a seven-year period. The longest selection titled “Become the Birds” is the best example of the ability of Insect Factory to change sonic shape. From darker ambient beginnings to a swell of electronic molecular mass, Jeff Barsky reels everything back into a vibrant low burning elevated drone. All within the composition’s final track.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records, in an edition of one hundred. There are a handful of cassettes remaining. Don’t miss out on a gorgeous body of work. This is also the second Insect Factory release on Already Dead, the first was from 2015 titled Flickering. Long sold out from the label and unavailable through Discogs."


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