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Review: Imelda Marcos 'Albularyo' (Beats Per Minute)

Great review of Imelda Marcos 'Albularyo' from Joshua Pickard at Beat Per Minute:

"There are more rough edges to the work of Chicago avant-rock band Imelda Marcos than I could count in a week. Grafting together loose bits of psych, math rock, and noise into a confounding and mesmerizing brew of musical angularity, the band lets loose an arty roar that interrupts your body’s ability to move as instructed. Initially an instrumental duo, Dave Cosejo and Matt Durso brought on vocalist Donna Diane (of Djunah) to help in shaping the structure of their new EP, Albularyo. A collection of four unsettling bursts of apoplectic rock and roll, the record is awash in Diane’s banshee howls and the catastrophic clattering of Cosejo and Druso. Guitars are destroyed while drum kits are beaten into submission. At times, the sound verges on industrial, conjuring visions of smoked-out landscapes littered with rusted metal buildings and the clang of desolate bell towers. But maybe that’s just my imagination running a bit wild. These songs do tend to have that effect, though. They draw out thoughts of grimy, parched landscapes and the characters inhabiting them, shaping it all into disturbing narratives that perfectly match the music’s bleak perspective."


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