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Review: Ian MacPhee 'Distance' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"Patient sounds mirroring morning sunrise. Senses waking to a world around us as the surrounding facets do the same. An ambient beginning to myriads of differences. Natural and man made, sounds and light echo forth from source of origin combining to become the space. With the right state of mind, places where annoyance holds beauty and the depths of interactions are chaotic symphonies. Ian MacPhee has absorbed his experiences while in Japan and shared them with listeners on his composition titled Distance.

An ambient album as rooted in the listening conscious, Distance uses this base to brush stroke field recordings and static energies across foundations. Much like the advent of a new day, the start is slow, building infinitely to a point where all is slow again. As we take time to breath in the motions of the environment around us, we will see a similar pattern. Ian MacPhee has created a beautiful soundscape of these interactions. Using patience and a highly tuned sense of serenity, he has composed Distance and the five selections within.

Within the Already Dead catalog, it is not too often they release a full ambient drone style composition. This is a special treat. Distance also comes with a photo zine of places from Ian MacPhee's travels where sounds originated from. Another nice extra that does not come to often with any cassette releases from any label. Distance is in a cassette edition of one hundred with only a handful remaining since the compositions recent release."


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