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Review: Cop Funeral 'Jake' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"A sonic explosion of raw and gritty electronics... Like an upheaval on the moons surface from a debris strike, the settling result lying perfectly still through time. Sounds stirred with emotions on the edge of control, lurking turbulence, bubbling feelings, a surge of molten mite growing impenetrable and permanent with time's onset. Jake is juxtaposed aural sentiment. Rhythmic heaviness trodden through a cold world of grayscale imagery, sunlit focal points of light fueling photosynthesis for resilient weeds in cracked concrete.

Cop Funeral is Joshua Tabbia, and his newest composition Jake is a freshly set precarious boulder in the Already Dead Tapes and Records catalog. With so much sonic diversity shared by the label, Jake seems to encompass the label's myriad sound all in one recording. The driving industrial meter beautifully melts into warming hazed out ambience. Many times taking place simultaneously within a single selection, like "fortune cookie II" and "what if life wasn't a problem". Cop Funeral has composed something very special here. This is a recording with powerful ability to connect on many levels.

Released on cassette and compact disc by Already Dead Tapes and Record. Both physical versions are in an edition of one hundred with copies currently available. There are also "No Bosses, No Managers" tee shirts still available in select sizes. Excellent sounds once again from cop funeral!"


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