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Review: Bad Trips 'Drink the Ooze' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

"A fervid rhythm deep within mystical sonic hypnotizing montages. Droning electronic currents changing viscous properties. Pressures from oceanic weight and freedoms through the infinite cosmos, Drink the Ooze mesmerizes with beautiful aural completeness. Transfixed with subtle hypodermic sound injections, a conscious fluid from far out minds has arrived for intake.

Drink the Ooze is two side long compositions, each with unique warped ethereal heavy mist. The first side, "Drink the Ooze" locks into ancient foundational rhythms. Life's slow breathing through the flickering evolutionary millenniums. Mutations spawning off in fantastic aural kaleidoscopes while the beat of existence moves forward. With a flip, the second side "Anteater" begins and sustains the reverse process. A vessel in motion from extinguished propulsion. The core in continual decay, radiation eating away within the sonic sepulchre.

An Already Dead Tapes and Records 2023 cassette release in an edition of one hundred. Physical copies have sold quickly down to sixteen at the time this is written. Bad Trips reminds me of the sounds of Witchbeam. Great stuff all the way through."

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound


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