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Review: Bad Trips 'Drink the Ooze' (Beats Per Minute)

Full article by Joshua Pickard available at Beats Per Minute.

"Formed in the early days of the COVID pandemic in Ridgewood, New York, psychedelic experimentalists Bad Trips have taken inspiration from classic psych bands of the ‘60s to more modern electronic purveyors, creating a sound as expansive as it is hypnotic. Their latest collection, the 2-track Drink the Ooze, is a tribute to the way that long-form compositions shift and mold themselves to the needs and wants of each listener. Raw and ramshackle in their appearance, these two songs – “Drink the Ooze” and “Anteater” – have the feel of a couple of friends hanging out in a basement, seeing who can one-up the others with how they dissemble and construct new shapes from their influences. More hallucinogenic in its form, the title track builds on repetitive drones, minimal electronics, and a pervasive sense of encroaching menace.

“Anteater” feels a bit more unpredictable in its movements, using the same pattern of droning replication but being more explicit in its perceived threats. There’s a bit more muscle here as well, with vague rhythms emerging and disappearing through a fog of synthetic expulsions and melodies abruptly ending their tenure. Feeling as though it could be on the soundtrack to some forgotten ‘80s horror film, something veering into the giallo aesthetic, the song radiates dread and impending violence. Featuring members of Painted Faces, Aviary, and Slasher Risk, their adoration for these kinds of slickly foreboding sounds is imprinted upon each note. If you’re looking for something comforting and gentle in which to lose yourself, then this music is likely not for you. But if you’re looking for atmospheres that’ll rattle your nerves and raise the hairs on the back of neck, then Drink the Ooze should give you exactly what you’re looking for."

Bad Trips 'Drink the Ooze' is available on cassette, digital (Bandcamp), and all streaming services. Also available in the January Tape Bundle.


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