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Review: 96 Cougar 'The Finest Crime' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article at Lost in a Sea of Sound

"Old film made from cellulose nitrate is highly flammable and dangerous to store. The magnetic tape from decades old cassettes are not a hazard to hold on to, but with too many together, the sounds begin to emulsify into something more. The Finest Crime is a product of interweaving genres over time. Highly focused rhythms holding raw sonic constructs together. A selection of tracks that paces across punk, rock and alternative twang with a stride and swagger we all wish to walk.

96 Cougar is the muffled sound behind the garage door down the street. With this new cassette, The Finest Crime, on Already Dead Tapes and Records, the door is lifted up to clearly hear their unfiltered intensity. Eight tracks in total, firing beats, guitar rhythms and vocals like the take off of a de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou. A powerful and vintage sound that still turns heads when heard today. 96 Cougar takes pleasure in listening to music from all times and places. They have taken this passion and created sounds for a mosh of heads bobbing to nostalgic sounds with new energy. If you want to hear solid songwriting and powerful playing, The Finest Crime is ready for pressing play.

One of two releases in Already Dead's May Tape Bundle. Currently available on its own or still in in the bundle. The Finest Crime is 96 Cougar's second cassette release with the first arriving on Klast Records in 2021. Titled The Cheapest Thrill, this limited run of tapes is still currently available from the label."


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