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Review: 2070 'Shordy' (Lost in a Sea of Sound)

Full article available at Lost in a Sea of Sound.

"Caught in the steady sonic flow of kaleidoscope like rotations of prismatic harmony. Getting lost in the mesmerizing shifts, Shordy is a slow motion explosion of excellence. The connections are strong to music we love, aural tethers to a world we came from. These sounds are new though, found outside the protection of the ship. Decades of composed rhythms have collected to form a new essence. They are fresh shoots from old roots, a sonic horticulturists most magnificent dream. Polychromatic melodies having raw tones for thirsty minds.

2070 is a four person group headed by Trevor Coleman. For a couple of years now, in Los Angeles, Khari Cousins on guitar, Tchad Cousins playing bass, and Rogers DeCoud with drums have played with Trevor. Their newest composition is titled Shordy, a massive collection of tracks, twenty three in all. As mentioned, there are many styles and pushings to different genres within this composition. There is no strain though, the most amazing feature is the the fluidity from start to finish. Like walking off trail through the woods, fantastic features are taken in only to find something completely different and just as splendid further along. Eventually the path back becomes lost and forward is the most optimal direction. As we listen through Shordy, each selection creates the desire to hear farther along. Fortunately being lost is only to the end and starting over again is a pleasurable thing to do again. If a descriptive summary is something needed, Shordy is a collection of upbeat native sounds from punk and pop collisions, the pieces have been gathered and constructed into a glorious cocktail of fragrant tastiness.

Released in Already Dead Tapes and Records in an first edition of one hundred cassettes in clear shells. These have sold out creating the necessity for a second edition of sixty in black shells. The second edition is available and so worth the time to listen and explore."


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