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Pre-order: Comfort Food / The Binary Marketing Show 'Adventures of Mammals'

Coming to Already Dead July 22nd, on limited edition 12" vinyl, cassette tape, digital, and all streaming services! Pre-order & singles from both bands are live!

Comfort Food and The Binary Marketing Show are back and teaming up for an excellent new split LP, 'Adventures of Mammals', dropping July 22nd on limited edition 12" vinyl LP, cassette, and digital! On the A-side Comfort Food bring their unique, impossible to pin down blend of noise rock, prog and jazz, while The Binary Marketing Show return with their trademark avant-pop electronica-folk on the B side. A dynamic and deeply unique record brought to life through friendship and love of music. Available July 22nd on 12" vinyl LP (200), cassette tape (120), digital, and all streaming services.

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