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Out today: Urine Hell/NÜDE 'Split' Second Run Tapes

Second edition Urine Hell / NÜDE 'Split' tapes are now available, with alternate orange tape shell! Digital and September Tape Bundle also available.

Two of Chicago's most interesting and extreme bands currently going team up for a new split on Already Dead. On the A-side, Urine Hell return with their unhinged, self-loathing blend of noise rock, sludge and metal; three new tracks sure to satisfy those who enjoyed last year's remarkably bleak 'Weakling' EP. On the B-side, NÜDE bring an on-slaught of industrial infused experimental noise and hardcore, a combination as unforgiving as it is addicting. It's difficult to imagine two bands as extreme as these finding a good pairing for a split release, but we're sure glad they found each other. Both groups serve up a punishing and unrelenting listen, not for the faint of heart!


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