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Out today: Kyle Bruckmann 'USAGE'

Available on cassette (11 left at time of posting!), digital (Bandcamp), and all streaming services. Also available in the April Tape Bundle with Yuppy's 'Critical Hit'.

Caustic squelch, thudding trudge and trippy squish collide in a double-EP of de-minimalized techno plagued by ghosts of early Industrial and Cold Wave.

Vintage analog synthesis, electrifried English horn and DAW-mangling comprise this distinctly alte Schule solo indulgence. Bear in mind that Bruckmann, for all his principle current notoriety as an oboist in contemporary classical and free improv circles, is the precise coeval of the fictional teenage protagonists in a certain wildly-popular, 80s-centric streaming TV series. While he is less prone to wearing eyeshadow these days, he’s been playing the synthesizers all along, and a little corner of his charred heart never quite left the batcave.

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