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Out today: Itch Princess 'Filler Guise'

Available on cassette & digital. Also available in the July Tape Bundle. Vinyl available directly from Itch Princess.

'Filler Guise', the 5th full length from Katelyn Farstad's long-running solo project Itch Princess, continues to demonstrate and push the boundaries of her psycho-spiritual internal sonic world. Farstad wrote, recorded and performed everything on the record. 'Filler Guise' is pregnant with a poignant blend of rage and hope. Farstad’s sinister guitar undertones populate what are at times cheerily melodic and mannerist explorations in songwriting. Hopeful layering of vocals are always shrouded in dissonance. Welcome to the do-wop in hell. The album is layered with heavy hooks and crooning vocals, and all 14 songs are lamentations musing the space connecting discomfort and transformation. Driving, groovy bass meets stark brutal drumming, and putrid evil guitar gives butterfly kisses to the Numan-esque synths splattered throughout the record. The cast of forced improvisations featured on 'Filler Guise' are: Nate Johnson on guitar, Teeny Lieberson on synths, Jake Lichter on synths, Cole Pulice on bass clarinet, and Alex Liebman on saxophone. The album is about coming to peace with dying and completely giving up a way of life that Farstad never dreamed possible, finding contentment in reality and not wasting any time on comparative tendencies or derivative pressures often embedded in the creative process. This is what Farstad believes to be Itch Princess' first record, even though technically, it's the fifth. Never too late to start over.


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