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New release: peopling 'Appearance'

Coming Oct 27th on cassette, digital, and all streaming services. Also available in the October Tape Bundle.

peopling is the solo project of NYC to PNW transplant Ronnie Gonzalez, longtime Already Dead cohort and one half of legendary duo Video Daughters. 'Appearance' is an album long in the works, with some ideas and elements dating back as far as 2002. Recorded at South Sound Sounds in Harstine Island, WA in 2023, the album is a layered, developed, and dynamic work perfect for cassette. Heavy drones flow into drum machines and groovy no wave, decaying into psyched-out noise rock and unsettling rhythms and loops. Lead single "gEneRaTOr bOys" being a prime example, encapsulating many of these elements to create a surprisingly catchy and unhinged experimental pop jam. While 'Appearance' brings to mind many influences: Suicide, Wolf Eyes, Animal Collective, Sightings, et al., it retains its own identity, forges new territory, and stands as a thorough and calculated work.


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