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New release: Painted Faces 'Kissing the Drain'

Prolific outsider-psych-noise artist and Already Dead cohort David Drucker returns to his Painted Faces fold fresh off his sophomore release on legendary ESP-Disk label. New album 'Kissing the Drain' is a song cycle of half remembered folk jams and severely stoned cosmic loner improvisations. There's a damaged and mysterious quality to the album, the compositions are bleak and murky, yet still deeply personal and strongly connected to the Painted Faces lore. As with much of Drucker's discography, 'Kissing the Drain' is a mesmerizing exploration of soundscapes, transmissions, emotions, and musical boundaries.

'Kissing the Drain' drops August 25th on limited edition cassette, digital (Bandcamp), & all streaming services.


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