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New release: Material 'Hazardous Material'

Coming October 13th on limited edition cassette & digital! Also available in the October Tape Bundle.

The core of Material is Sam Molstad (Orchard Thief) and Tim Krause. Their new album 'Hazardous Material' is an ever-evolving amalgamation of krautrock, electronica, and ambient, built on the spirit of collaboration, exploration, and a dedicated friendship. The duo have been playing together in various forms since 2007, and own a home together where they've built a studio in their basement. Material is an ongoing artistic conversation between Molstad and Krause that functions as an extension of their everyday lives, a concept adopted from Cluster, a highly influential band on the duo. Material's collaborative spirit extends beyond its founding duo, frequently bringing in friends and other artists, and 'Hazardous Material' is a more full realization of that aspect of the band. In November 2021 the band spent 4 days at a cabin in Emily, MN with 3 of their closest friends and longtime collaborators, and recorded around 20 hours of music. Molstad and Krause spent the following year editing down those sessions into what would become 'Hazardous Material'. The results are expansive, with a sprawling energy that's as fun and engaging to listen to as it clearly was to create.


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