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New release: Dennis Young 'Red Smoke, Blue Mirrors'

Coming July 14th on cassette (100), digital, & streaming. Also available in the July Tape Release Bundle.

Dennis Young, founding member of influential NYC no-wave quartet Liquid Liquid, has embarked on a mesmerizing solo journey with his latest album, 'Red Smoke, Blue Mirrors'. This new age electronic opus, comprised of home recordings from late 2022, showcases Young's artistic evolution and his ability to create deeply immersive sonic landscapes. Throughout the album, Young masterfully blends various styles of electronic music, drawing inspiration from ambient, drone, new age, and experimental genres. Layers of shimmering synthesizers intertwine with hypnotic rhythms, creating an aural tapestry that feels both intimate and expansive. It's an album that invites exploration, and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.


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