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New release: Cop Funeral 'Jake'

Out June 30th on cassette, CD, digital, & all streaming services. New t-shirt & bundles also available. Pre-order & first single "Do Not Disturb" out today, streaming everywhere.

"Josh Tabbia's prolific LA-based experimental electronic project Cop Funeral returns with a visceral companion record to 2019's 'Pain'. The new album, 'Jake', invites us into a world of its own. Striking and evocative, Tabbia is not afraid of taking us on a deep dive into the emotional chaos of loss. Submerging and emerging. Pushing and retracting. At times rhythmic and haunting, at others, deeply serene and comforting. A thoughtful build of foreboding psychological tension giving way to expansive, tender melodies. The result is a dynamic, vulnerable and deeply personal work."


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