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Cop Funeral 'Jake' on Bandcamp's Best Experimental Music of 2023 List

Cop Funeral's 'Jake' made Marc Masters' 'Best Experimental Music of 2023' List for Bandcamp! (Tapes, CDs, and bundles available here)

"Joshua Tabbia, who records as Cop Funeral, knows his way around a loop. The 11 pieces on Jake all feature repetitive cycles of some sort, and around them Tabbia gathers up sounds that attach, build, and launch, maintaining the central hypnosis of his repetitions even as he’s creating wordless narratives with his evolving noises. The music that arises from his manipulations is both soothing and harrowing; you can either zone out to his loops or let them creep up your skin. But why not do both? Jake will keep your attention either way."


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